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Propulse NG Electronic Ear Irrigator


The Propulse® NG sets new standards in ear irrigation. Its patented and unique features create an irrigation system that is convenient and patient friendly.

  • Quick-Release Handle

  • Single-use QrX™ Tips

  • Contrapulse® water delivery system

  • Trusted Propulse® Quality

  • Propulse® NG ear irrigator is the alternative to the traditional manual ear syringing procedure

  • Propulse® NG ear irrigator helps facilitate patient friendly, fast and efficient cerumen, keratin and foreign body removal from the external auditory meatus

  • Quieter operation helps improve patient experience during the ear care procedure.

  • Propulse® NG comes with a 12 month parts and labour warranty

The Propulse®NG Irrigation System is both portable and rechargeable making it ideal for domiciliary visits or in areas with a questionable electricity supply. Its variable pressure delivery system provides a pulsed water jet, which is easily controlled.

The Propulse® NG Electronic Ear Irrigator is now supplied with the all new, patented Quick Release Handle and QrX™ Single-Use Tips. The QrX™ system locks the tip into place during use, making this the most operator- friendly Propulse® to date!

The operation of the Propulse® NG is controlled by the convenient footswitch, allowing the machine to be operated hands free. The flow of water can be stopped by fully depressing the water jet stop button - water flow resumes when it is released.


A full range of accessories and consumable items such as Single Use QrX™ Tips and Propulse Cleaning Tablets is available for use with the Propulse NG. The Propulse NG is a class IIa Medical device manufactured in accordance with the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC and is CE marked accordingly. It is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of EN 60601-1.

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